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Cute Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Day Photo Idea avatar

This photo was taken on Valentines Day 2009. Those are my wide Hobbit feet surrounding my 6 month old daughter’s dainty little baby feet. Don’t you just love baby feet? Composition and photo credit goes to my wonderful wife. I was busy snoring… I mean modeling.

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My 3 Year Old Daughter is a Work of Art

Digital Pencil Scetch of My Daughter - A Work of Art

I’m sure all dad’s feel this way, but OMG my 3 year old daughter is so beautiful! 🙂 I’ve made a Wordless Wednesday digital sketch to prove it.

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Fairy Art – Wordless Wednesday

Faery Flute

Our two year old girl loves Tinkerbell, and I think she’ll really enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the Renaissance festival next spring… especially the fairies! This photo of a fairy was taken at Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Dallas in 2004. The additional Photoshop digital manipulation to turn it into a watercolor was by me as well.

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Wordless Wednesday – Vampire Toddler

Vampire Toddler (350x350)

Wordless Wednesday: Photo of a Vampire Toddler! Okay, maybe I added the vampire teeth, but the rest is exactly as photographed. Scary, isn’t it?

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Baby Kisses Komodo Dragon – Wordless Wednesday

Baby Kisses Iguana

“Baby Kisses Komodo Dragon” – Welcome to my first Wordless Wednesday post. Photo credit goes to my wife. This was taken at the Fort Worth Zoo. My daughter is quite an affectionate little girl. She plants kisses right on our dog’s nose, too. Enjoy. Sorry if this was too many worlds. I’m new to this.

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