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New Dad Tip #12: What is Swaddling and Why Should You Care?

Happy Swaddled Baby - How and why to swaddle your infant

Before our baby was born we attended some parenting classes. In one of these I learned a skill that may well have saved my life… well, my sanity anyway.

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Disney Dilemma: Best Disney World Hotel Options for Kids

Best Hotels for kids visiting Mickey & Minnie at Disney World

We’re planning our first family vacation with our daughter who will be 4 years old. How do you stay in the same room, and still do naps and sleep at night?

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Why are these simple health tips so hard to do for us parents?

A family exercising together

My 3 year old daughter sponsored this post. It’s what she wanted me (and you) to know about how to be a healthier, and thereby better parent. Please read this.

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