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What do you drive? I’m thinking of making “big” change!

The freedom of the open road's no longer free

How are gas prices affecting you and your family? What do you drive? What do you wish you drove? I’m thinking of making a big change. And by big, I mean small.

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Best Values in Family TV Viewing – The Dish on DISH

Family watching DirecTV’s dish network together

Do you have Cable or Satellite TV? Or perhaps just broadcast or no TV at all? In these tight economic times how can we best invest our income in entertainment?

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Toddler Gifts from U-Haul

The Christmas Gift Aftermath

From what I’ve heard about kids at this age on Christmas morning, after opening all of her thoughtfully selected and carefully wrapped gifts… I should expect her to toss them aside and begin playing with the gift boxes instead. I’ve come up with a practical solution for Christmas this year. I’m going to do my toddler’s gift shopping at U-Haul. For a reasonable amount of money I can get her a really nice selection of small, medium and large boxes, as well as some bubble wrap and a roll or two of packing tape.

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Free Children’s Books!

Children's Books

The way the economy is these days we all are looking for ways to conserve our cash. One area in which I refuse to skimp is with books for my toddler. I want her to grow up with a love of books, reading and learning. I’ve recently discovered a new cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing books. It’s an online company called PaperBackSwap.com.

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