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Please Come Home, Daddy!

Please Come Home Soon Daddy Calendar Wallpaper

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the apparently pressing priorities in which we are currently enmeshed at work and lose track of time; so I decided to do two things to help me remember to get home on time.

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Is it Christmas Yet?

Child under a Christmas Tree Waiting for Santa

I know… in just a few months I’ll be moaning about how early the stores put up their Christmas displays this year and enduring Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” on muzak for the hundredth time. But right now, with temperatures nearing 100 °F and a new crisis each night on the news, Christmas is sounding pretty darned good to me.

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Look Who's Talking

baby on cell phone

Our baby girl is 20 months old and is beginning to string words together in a moderately coherent fashion. She’s heard me tell the dog to “come”, and now combines that word into phrases like “Daddy cup come.” Meaning “Daddy bring me that sippy cup, and be snappy about it.”

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New Warning on Baby Slings

Baby in sling type baby carrier

The government warned Friday that those chic baby slings that hip moms and dads are sporting these days can be dangerous, even deadly for their little ones.

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Product Recalls – Is Your Child Safe?

Product recalls sample pic

The unnecessary warning that a machete might pose a laceration hazard aside, the CPSC’s website is probably worth a visit periodically to see if any of your child’s products are putting them at risk.

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Wee Bit o' Ireland in Texas

Our baby dressed for the North Texas Irish Festival

It’s time to pull out your favorite green shirt, gather up your family and friends and head to Dallas for one of the biggest and best Celtic Heritage festivals in the United States.

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Doctor Who Versus Yo Gabba Gabba

David Tennant

Tennant is set to make his US television debut in the lead role in the NBC comedy drama “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer”. No mention of whether Rex owns a sonic screwdriver or takes a TARDIS to work.

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What scared you as a child?

Some of the scariest childrens TV shows and films of all time… even if they weren’t meant to be.

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