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7 Ways to be a Better Dad

6 Ways to be a Better Dad

Stop and smell the diapers. Just a few suggestions from one dad to another on making the most of the most important years of our lives and those of our kids. And just to be clear, I’m writing this not because I think I’m such a great dad or because I know or do it all right. Nope, I’m writing it as a reminder to myself of a few of the things I need to focus on every day to be just a bit better as a father.

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Dads Just Want to Have Fun

Family Fun

Or at least they should. Let me explain. It was brought to my attention by my loving wife and also by at least one commenter on my recent blog: 7 Ways to be a Better Dad (aka: “Stop and Smell the Diapers”) that I had left something important off my list. So, here is that missing guideline on how to be a better dad: HAVE FUN!

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A Parenting Lesson from Doctor Who

Parenting Advice from Doctor Who?

I’ve learned a lot from Doctor Who about being a father, not the least of which is how to say, “No.” Watch this video clip in that context… it’s hilarious!

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Real Men Change Diapers

I suspect my late father never changed a diaper. He as a great man, but he grew up in a time where fathers were less involved in such matters. I on the other hand pride myself in my ability to remove a soiled diaper, clean, cream the wee ones bottom and put on a fresh one in 30 seconds flat. Sort of a home version of a Nascar pit crew challenge. The only think about being a modern dad that’s bothered me is carrying my wife’s diaper bag when my daughter and I are out and about together. We’ll I’ve taken matters into my own hands and crafted a solution…

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A Daddy’s Birthday Gift

My Mother and Me

Many, many years ago in a land far, far away… well, in Florida… a baby boy was born on this day. My father who took this photograph of my mother and me, passed away before he was able to meet his beautiful grand-daughter. If he can still see us, then this morning he saw my barely two year old girl sing… really sing… “happy birthday to you” to her daddy.

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Parenting Advice from Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin

Really? This the guy you from whom you’d seek out parenting advice? Apparently reality TV’s bad-boy father of eight is working on a book with leadership coach Dr. Sylvia Lafair. Is it just a guy thing that I’ve never really cared for these “reality” shows? In any case, you won’t find me waiting in line to be the first to get parenting tips from this guy. Just sayin’.

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Sad Dads: Postpartum Depression

According to research published yesterday by James F. Paulson, PhD, assistant professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, fathers in substantial numbers experience prenatal and postpartum depression.

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