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My Name is Not Pumpkin!

Our Pumpkin on Halloween 2008

After I finished her bedtime story and started to turn off the light, our six-year-old daughter said, “Don’t call me Pumpkin. That’s not my name.” While I don’t remember saying it, I must have said, “Goodnight, Pumpkin. I love you.” The pet-name is now a long established habit. She followed up with, “Goodnight, Banana!” complete …

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Top 20 Baby Names 2011 – Plus Names People Hate

Top 20 baby names in the past 10 years - Infographic

Parents often agonize over choosing the right name for their baby. Turns out there are certain names that people particularly dislike. Do you know what they are?

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Vampire Baby Names

Photo of Twighlight's Bella & Jacob

It’s the latest thing. Name your baby after a vampire! Actually parents of baby boys appear to favor werewolf names over vampire names.

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