I’m a #SwifferDad loving the #SwifferEffect!

This post is made possible by Swiffer. I was provided the featured products for free, but as always the opinions are fiercely my own.

Honestly, I’m not sure I can remember my dad doing a lot of cleaning when I was growing up. Did yours? Times have changed! Not only do I care about having a clean house – but I’m happy to pitch in and do my share. I heard someone say photos of dads cleaning are called “mommy porn”. Is that true?


Using the Swiffer while I take a work call. Multi-tasking at it’s best!

Sharing the work is part of modern fatherhood – jumping in and helping with the kids and the house. And ya know what? I hope my daughter notices that I help take care of her and the house – I want her to grow up knowing that work in the home is everyone’s responsibility, and hopefully marry a guy who thinks so too.

And I’m not the only guy who feels that way! Check out some of these Stats!

  • According to the Swiffer Cleaning Index, Dads today are pitching in nearly 2X more than their own Dads did! I can totally believe that’s true. How are things at your home?
  • 98% of Dads Agree – having a clean home makes them happy! Okay, no big shock there?
  • In fact, roles have really shifted as almost 50% of Dads today, say they do the lion’s share of the cleaning in their home! Hmmm. Did they ask their wives?
  • With the Swiffer Wet Jet, busy dads are able to soak (sorry couldn’t resist) in their moments with the family because they have the clean up covered. That’s the #SwifferEffect!

Check out this video with star Anthony Anderson celebrating the #SwifferEffect!

You can also see a behind the scenes making of the video here.

But listen – as much as I want to be involved in keeping our home clean – I do love a good shortcut!  I’ve been using cleaning tools from Swiffer for years, because they make cleaning up a snap. Plus, my Swiffer is super stealthy and quiet! I can Swiffer during nap time – or while I’m on business calls.

And I’m just one of many #SwifferDads!

swiffer big box

I recently gifted a neighbor dad with his own Swiffer Big Green Box, because mops – they are so 1982!

Here’s what’s inside that Swiffer Big Green Box:

  • Swiffer Wet Jet, Wet Jet Refills, Wet Jet Pad Refill
  • Swiffer Wet Jet allows you to retire the old fashioned mop and bucket! It’s an all-in-one mopping solution that traps and locks dirt and grime instead of pushing it around.
  • After you use the Wet Jet, you can simply tear off the used Power Pad and throw it in the garbage, making clean floors simple and effective.
  • The Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit retails for $21.99.

It’s time to upgrade your cleaning tools – so that you can get the cleaning done fast, and be back to doing the things you love faster!

So tell me, are you a #SwifferDad too?


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    • Robin Rue (@massholemommy) on at

    I use my Swiffer every day. If I am not chasing after my kids with it, then it’s my dog 🙂

  1. Someone please give my hubby a Swiffer! I love that guys are jumping in and helping clean up their homes.

  2. Swiffer makes good products. Since they are products that are easy to use it’s understandable that the men and even kids can jump in to use them with ease.

  3. I love seeing this. My hubby actually does the majority of the cleaning in our house and he loves his Swiffer. It makes it so easy to get dirt up without the mess of ringing out the mop! Congrats on being a Swiffer Dad!

  4. Hey, I know one of those dads! I’m so grateful my husband can and will help out. We both are pretty busy, so it’s a team effort to get things done.

  5. Swiffer dads are awesome! It’s awesome that you could share a Swiffer with another dad too!

  6. First, I want one of those green Swiffer boxes to appear on MY doorstep! I do love Swiffer products–just he dry cloths work like magic. I also love the dusters!

  7. We have a Swiffer and we really love using it. God job Michael!

  8. I use a swiffer duster all the time. It’s the greatest invention known to man if you ask me

  9. How cool! I’ve seen those commercials – they look pretty fun. I like using swiffer for easy clean up.

  10. I should have a Swiffer box delivered to my husband! He is good about helping when I ask but I’d like to see a little more effort on his part.

  11. Hey Michael ~
    I had to upgrade to a Roomba to keep up with the dog hair! Otherwise, I would swiffer 3 times a day…..

  12. I LOVE that you want to set the example for your family that everyone helps out! I wish someone would have set that example for my husband- he’s very helpful, but usually reluctantly so. 🙂 We love the Swiffer- even my 5 year old can use it!

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