Social Media Survey: Facebook & Twitter & Google+, Oh My!

About a year ago I wrote a post on the subject of Social Networking burnout. I wondered aloud at the time was its incredible growth sustainable, or would there be a backlash… a movement toward spending more time unplugged?

A year later that backlash still hasn’t come. Sure some make time to unplug, but most are spending ever increasing amounts of time on social networks, facilitated in part by the popularity of smart phones. But wait there’s more…

Google+, Twitter or Facebook: Which do you use the most?A couple of years ago Facebook was the go-to place for most of my family and friends. Many said they didn’t “get” Twitter, and of course Google+ wasn’t even a gleam in that Internet giant’s eye yet (though it is their 3rd attempt at social media).

So I’m curious, which of these, if any, do you use most? In addition to the survey, leave a comment. Are you feeling any burnout? Do you intentionally make time to unplug? Or do you sleep with your Blackberry or iPhone or whatever?

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Social Media: Love it? Hate it? Both?


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  1. It used to be FB for me, but the privacy settings, and opt-out new “features” they insist on pushing at every user just got to me. I now very much prefer the dead-simple Twitter interface. One privacy setting—on and off. Additionally, I have concerns of content ownership of on any social networking site. I prefer to let Twitter have my words, but all other content is hosted by more isolated services that don’t share everything automatically, as well as grant world-wide licenses to various third parties. There’s a lot to consider in posting media of your children…

    1. Hey, Jon. Yeah, I’ve moved to be more of a Twitter person. My birthday was last week and I had about 30 birthday greetings on Facebook that I didn’t even see until yesterday because I hadn’t logged in there in so long. 😉 Content ownership is a very valid concern. All of the sites’ EULAs basically make you sign it all over to them. Oddly, Linkedin’s is the most outrageous in wording. Check it out sometime. Scary.

    • Trisha on at

    I hope I don’t skew your results too much. I feel like I se twitter and facebook equally, but since i couldn’t choose both, I chose “other.” I don’t feel burned out, but I do feel like my kids probably see me on the computer too much so I make a conscious effort to step away, no matter how hard that is for me.

    1. I know what you mean about your kids seeing you on the computer. Occasionally my 3 year old calls for me and I say “I’m coming,” but try to finish the tweet I’m writing and immediately get the “You NOT coming!” That’s the signal to wake up and pay attention to what’s really important.

    • JDaniel4's Mom on at

    I use Twitter the most and need to figure out Google+.

    1. I use Twitter most as well. I’ve got Google+ mostly figured out, but with only so many hours in the day, it’s hard to commit time to all of them.

  2. I go on FB maybe 3 times a day if I can. Twitter… why?? I don’t have time to tweet… Do I?? I signed up to G+ but I only know one person on there so it doesn’t work for me. Besides, I have too much invested in FB to change. FB will just copy the better ideas from G+ anyway so I’ll wait :). I do spend too much time online though. That’s one reason why I started blogging, so I’d spend less time on FB. Er…

    1. I hear you. Many who have not spent some time on Twitter don’t “get” the real-time interactive power of the medium. I expect Google+ may well rival both but it’s going to have to win a sufficient volume of hearts and minds first.

  3. Twitter by far. Although ironically I found this post on Facebook… I tried the G+, and maybe I’ll get back there when Google chill out a bit…

    1. LOL. So you found this post via Facebook? I’m sure some found it via Google+, but I’ll wager most came from Twitter or a previous subscription. I’ll need to check out my stats. Thanks for weighing in.

    • Mumsy on at

    I have to say with the options listed; it would be Twitter for me. However, I spend the most time on Blogger and others Blogs! That option wasn’t there. I don’t do much on FB these days, as there is no one to communicate with there. In fact, I deleted my personal account an only have the M&D one left. I created one for Mumsy which may also go by the wayside. What’s that movie saying? “I’m just not that into it” anymore. (I adjusted the quote)

    Now more than ever, I am feeling the need to unplug though I can’t seem to completely unplug. Hope you are doing well. (((HUGS))) ~M

    1. As a blogger and lover of blogs (as am I) I can see why you’d say you’d spend more time on Google’s Blogger. I also intentionally left off Linkedin who I believe has delusions of leaving its fairly well defined space and trying to compete with the three social networks I listed. You may want to give Google+ a try as soon as it’s a bit more established. It’s pretty cool.

  4. Twitter is my favorite. I by far spend most of my time there. I do get burnt out sometimes and I they to unplug occasionally.

    1. Is I told you on Twitter, I agree; I spend more time on Twitter than the other two. I’m trying to invest more time in Google+ as I think it’s got potential.Thanks for weighing in, Jessica.

    • Ivy on at

    I have to be honest. I’m not a Google+ fan. I don’t like that anyone can find me and add me. Twitter is by far my favorite, but I probably spend the most time on Facebook since it’s where most of my contracts are.

    1. Interesting, Ivy. So while Twitter is your fav you spend more time on Facebook? I must just be self-indulgent, as my fav is Twitter and I spend the most time there. LOL.

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