Creepy S#!T My iPhone Says

By now you’ve heard the new iPhone 4S has an integrated personal assistant named Siri. I thought it’d be fun to post a blog using Siri’s voice recognition as the sole input method without editing it at all. And frankly I’m lazy, so the idea of posing a blog without lifting a figure was a peeling. Oops.

Siri’s not perfect, but apparently she can spell her own name. So, I am speaking this in tire blah. No, I said this entire blog. That’s better, Siri. You get the idea. If this goes well I may just have Sire pose all my blahs. Blogs. So far she’s doing pretty well. Maybe I’ll retire? Let’s try a Christmas carol:
Santa on iPhone 4S with Siri - He sees you when you're sleeping

You better know putt, you better not cry, you better not shoot, I’m telling you why, Santa clause is calm mean to town. He seize you when you’re sleeping, he knows when your away, he those if few been bad or good, so you’d tired be good for good mess say!

Okay, that is even creepier than the original lyrics about Santa seeing you when your sleeping! Siri seems to speak English as well as most of the IT customer service reps I reach on the phone in mom by. No, I’m saying mum by. You know, in India?

I was actually counting on Siri being able to spell Mumbai, because frankly I’m not really certain how. Oh sure, now you spell it right? She’s messing with me again! Oh yeah, Siri is definitely a sheet. No, a sheet. I said, a she. Geez! I heave up!

Where are you spending Christmas?


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  1. ask siri to give introduction

    1. Hey, Peter. Not quite sure what you are asking. If I ask her to introduce herself, she says “I am Siri.” If I ask how old she is, she responded, “Does this concern you?” And when I said, “Yes”, she responded, “I thought so.” Very evasive, if you ask me. 😉

  2. that was HYSTERICAL!

    I think you should do a blog like that regularly.
    its SUPER funny 🙂 hahaha

    1. Thanks, Danielle. I actually wrote it in the bath, dictating it to my phone. A blogger’s work is never done.

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