Tech from My Childhood Is Starting to Look Retro!

Think about the things our kids won’t experience!

Nothing like having to explain antique devices like a Walkman or cassette tape to a kindergartner to make you feel old. Heck even a CD is starting to look pretty quaint?

Our daughter will never understand the relationship between the two objects pictured below. Do you know? Leave a comment, but be aware you may be dating yourself.

Do you remember the connection between the cassette tape and the pencil?My first cell-phone was bolted into my car. At that time if you wanted a portable cell-phone you had to carry a bag for the massive battery and transmitter. Yeah, I’m old.

My parents actually had an 8-track player in our Ford station wagon when I was a kid! Forget vinyl; at this point buying music on a compact disk is probably retro?

What other things will our children never know?

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