Product Recalls – Is Your Child Safe?

Product recalls sample pic

All of the following are featured on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website on their Recall Page. Is it just me or does one of these kinda seem an obviously risky product?

Girls’ Jackets
Girl’s Hooded Jackets
Scarves with Microwaveable Heat Packs
Boys’ Hooded Sweatshirts
Roman Shades

The unnecessary warning that a machete might pose a laceration hazard aside, the site is probably worth a visit periodically to see if any of your child’s products are putting them at risk.

More product recall sample pics


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  1. Um yes…..Machetes aren’t toys people!!! And by the way, you should not let the baby near the steak knives even if it is SO much fun!

    People are crazy.

    Good info though! It’s like a recall a day at this point. Hard to keep up with, but important.

    1. I know! In fairness to them the “machete” recall was in a list of general warnings. It just stood out as funny because all of the other recalls in that list had to due with kid’s products. Yes, it’s probably wise to review these periodically. From cars to kids toys, there seems to be a epidemic of recalls lately.

  2. Ouch,, man I’m going to have to find a new home if ya’ll come visit me!

    1. LOL. thanks for dropping by “D”. I hadn’t seen your wordpress blog. I already linked to your other one in my blogroll. I’ll have to add this one, too. I’m following you. Okay, that sounded kind of stalkerish (is that a word?). I mean I’m subscribed to your wordpress blog. Have a great evening!

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