Parents, why vote… it won’t matter anyway, right?

While I’ve been known to blog about some potentially controversial topics, I rarely write about subjects like politics or religion. This is not, however, because I think either of these topics is unimportant to us as parents; quite the opposite. They are very, very important.

Allow me just a few words about politics, and in particular voting, from a parent’s perspective. Back when I was single and heard a politician speak about “creating a better future for our children,” the full meaning of that expression didn’t really sink in. That’s changed.

Voting is not just a parent's right, it's their responsibility

Did that happen to you, too? After having a child it suddenly felt very important for me to understand in some depth the choices we are being presented, to do my homework, and not just accept the sound bites either side’s pundits repeat over and over. It takes work.

I feel voting is a right, a privilege and a responsibility. It’s not always been that way. I’m sick of hearing people say, “My vote won’t count” because my state is blue or red or whatever. Maybe that’s true, but what message do you send to your kids? They see everything.

Our kids learn far more from their parents’ actions than from their words. This democracy so many fought to achieve, and have died to defend, matters. So from one parent to another: Do your homework. Think about your children. Think about their children. And then…

Please vote.


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  1. Very well said. Having kids made me think twice about EVERYTHING.

    1. Hi Dana. Thank you. Having kids changes us a great deal, doesn’t it? My love for my wonderful wife and our little girl makes me, a very imperfect man, strive to be a better… a better husband, a better father, and yes, a better citizen of this great country. I pray that now that this election is over, we all… and by “all” I don’t just mean politicians… work together to solve the critical issues facing our nation.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I have paid more attention to this election year than I ever have before because I became a parent within the last presidential term. Everything matters much more to me now!

    1. I feel that, too, Cassie. The desire to leave this world a better place for my little girl has changed what matters most to me tremendously. I subscribed and commented on a couple of your blog posts by the way. Thanks for dropping by mine.

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