My Brush with Celebrity – Ronald McDonald versus Mike Modano

Last week I had the honor of participating in an important charity event sponsored by our Texas Cadillac dealers. Team Escalade Texas has put up a $150,000 advertising budget for six great charities (more about them in a moment). And YOU get to vote for which of those charities will get the funds.

A thing I love about being a blogger is sometimes you feel you help make a difference, and this was on of those times. I’d be lying if I didn’t add it’s also fun to meet some of the really cool people who want to help you make that difference. My daughter was most excited that I had my photo taken with this celebrity:

Ronald McDonnald with's Michael Schmid

This particular event started at the Escalade plant in Arlington, Texas; an amazing facility currently putting my fellow Texans to work. From there the celebrities, the Cadillac execs and us bloggers road together in Escalades fresh off the line to the press briefing in Dallas, complete with police motorcycle escorts.

Members of TeamStrength Brent Severyn, me & Mike Modano

Brent Severyn, me & Mike Modano

The photo above shows some of Team Strength’s members, supporting the cancer charity Love Hope Strength. Nothing like standing next to a couple of superstar athletes to make ya feel frumpy. I road to the event with Brent (left) & ND Kalu, a couple of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet (off the ice & football field).

Clearly I’d like you to vote for our Team Strength, but honestly you can’t go wrong voting for any of the following great charities. The only thing you could do wrong is not vote. And remember you can vote every day through the end of October so add a reminder to vote each day. Thank you for your support!

Team CureDuchenne

  • Representing the charity Cure Duchenne
  • Team Members: Daryl Johnston, Rocket Ismail & Dan Pastorini

Team Gift

  • Representing the charity Taylor’s Gift
  • Team Members: Everson Walls, Danieal Manning & Mike Renfro

Team Strength

  • Representing the charity Love Hope Strength
  • Team Members: Mike Modano, Brent Severyn & N.D. Kalu

Team House

  • Representing the charity Ronald McDonald House
  • Team Members: Randy White, Jay Novacek & Matt Bullard

Team Champion

  • Representing the charity Special Olympics
  • Team Members: Carly Patterson, Laura Wilkinson & Zina Garrison


  • Representing the charity YMCA
  • Team Members: Brian Cardinal, Derek Harper & Alphonso Roundtree

Click here to tweet ☛ Help @LHSF save lives today by voting for #TeamStrength at via @adaddyblog & #TeamEscaladeTX

Team Escalade - Vote for Team Strength - Music-centric cancer charity save lives one concert at a time

Click here to vote every day!

* A Daddy Blog is working with Team Escalade Texas to spread the word about this important program and the 6 charities involved, courtesy of 18 Texas Cadillac Dealers.

[notice]p.s.  If you could have a photo taken with anyone alive or dead (when they were alive, to be clear… otherwise that would just be gross) who would it be?[/notice]


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  1. All of them are GREAT charities and I love how these and other celebrities gave of their time to support such worthy venture!!

    I’d love a picture with Shirley McClain or Billy Joel:)

    1. Yes, I didn’t even mention that Drew Pearson was hosting it! It really is cool when people like this give of their time and influence to help out those less fortunate. I spent the most time with Brent Severyn & ND Kalu since we drove to the event together, and I must say they were the nicest, most self-effacing guys you’d ever meet! Big kudos to all the celebrities!

      p.s. You’d like to meet Shirley MacLaine? I loved some of her early films, e.g. The Apartment (great film) with Jack Lemmon, but isn’t she a bit of a kook? Can’t argue with Billy Joel, he’s a very talented writer/musician.

    • Mumsy's Refuge on at

    GREAT charities and how awesome that celebrities give of their time to support such events! You look just a wee bit too happy in that pic with Ronald McDonald my friend. 😉

    I’d love a photo with Katherine Hepburn…just love her.

    1. Yeah, they were both really nice and also very generous with their time for such great causes. As for me looking happy to meet Ronald McDonald, I was thinking of how much my daughter was going to love the photo! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      p.s. Yes, I love Kate Hepburn, too. One of my favorite films is The Philadelphia Story with her, Jimmy Stewart & Cary Grant.

    • Ann M. Gorman on at

    I have Codie still as my desktop picture, and earlier today realised of all the family photos in our house I cant find one with her in it, that made me sad….so rewind and take one with her in it! Next family one will have to include Rolo although might go haywire seen hes hyper lol…bar that I’d like a photo with Francis Ledwidge the Slane poet cos then I might be able to share notes with him! 😛

    1. LOL… that’s a cool idea, the Slane poet, I mean. Loved our visit to the Hill of Slane. Silly I didn’t call when so close. As for more photos of Codie, thank goodness my wife is so quick with the camera. We have some sweet pics of our dog with our wee girl. 🙂

  2. You have my vote!

    Sorry—I had to go back up and stare at the photo of Mike Modano one more time. (Huge hockey fan here.)

    I already have a photo with Robert Smith of The Cure and to me, he’s the biggest celebrity I’d ever care to meet! Otherwise, I think I would have to go with Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby or Jennifer Aniston.

    1. Yeah, even as I guy it was hard not to notice Modano was a moderately attractive guy. 😉 Actually when I first saw him from a distance earlier that morning I thought he was a rock star or something. Most of the sports guys were in suits, but he was rockin’ a stylish hoodie. Thanks so much for your comment, Erin. Good list of celeb’s there.

    • Health Information on at

    Wow! This is indeed a great charity. Helping cancer patients by giving love, hope, and strength is a fulfilling experience.

    1. Thank you. I hope you took a moment and voted for the charity of your choice. We can do it once a day thru October 31. 🙂

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