Hans Christian Who???

So I went to Google for my daily vain (and in vain) search for my name, but today I searched on someone else’s instead. Now, I’m not sure if I was alone in this, but I didn’t understand today’s google doodle. You know, the image that temporarily replaces their standard logo on significant events such as the Presidential Election, Independence Day, Christmas and Hans Christian Ørsted’s birthday. Wait… who?

I’m not a real geek, but I play one on TV… and even still I was totally unaware of this guy. I didn’t even get him a card. Maybe I can send him an eCard? Oh, he’s dead? Apparently this Danish physicist and chemist discovered (accidentally, but hey, accidental discoveries still count) that electric currents create magnetic fields. Now don’t you feel bad for not knowing him? Glad I could be here to enlighten you.

Have a happy birthday Hans! And to all of you readers (all two or three of you) have a great weekend!

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