Guess How Many Frozen Dresses Disney Sold?

When the photo below of our daughter meeting Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from the award winning Disney movie Frozen was taken I remember hearing that Elsa dresses were selling for crazy amounts on eBay. I’m very happy my wife, always thinking ahead, bought our daughter’s Elsa dress early.

Our Daughter with Anna and Elsa of Disney's Movie Frozen

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Oh, the answer to the titular questions is that Disney has sold more than 3,000,000 Elsa and Anna dresses so far in 2014… and the holiday season hasn’t officially started! Okay, Christmas displays are up in a few stores, but that’s for another post. 😉

Have you bought one or more Elsa and Anna dresses? How about the soundtrack or movie on disk? We have them all. How could I say no to that cute little face? Okay, I actually do say “no” quite frequently, but not so much when it comes to Disney’s Frozen.

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  1. We have the poster, the soundtrack, the DVD (birthday present), the costumes (product review) and now the dolls (going under the tree for the girls). My husband went to Toys R Us to get the dolls because he thought they were on sale; when they weren’t, he still bought them, because they were the last set on the shelf (and he’d seen over three dozen there the week before). It’s all still popular! The girls love it. Even my 1 1/2-year-old gets jazzed when she hears the opening bars of the ice song. 🙂

    1. Love that your 1½ year old likes the “ice song”. Yeah, we’ve had the soundtrack in my wife’s car since it came out, and have the Blu-ray/DVD combo. Someone gave our daughter a cute “young” Anna doll and a rather Barbie-like Elsa doll, etc…

      Before our daughter was born I was all about being non-commercial, e.g. non-branded bedding, toys and such for her… and even suggested unisex colors for her nursery. As soon as I found out we were having a little girl those good intentions went out the window.


  2. We got the dolls at the Disney outlet store — so thrilled when we got them! We don’t have the dresses yet, but she has been asking….. I was hoping to get a couple of the costume ones on clearance after Halloween…

    1. You’d think you should be able to acquire a dress post-Halloween. Of course some may be seeking them out for Christmas as well. Check out the consignment sales, e.g. Just Between Friends, if they have any in your area. I also visit Disney Store online to check out their sales regularly.

  3. That is amazing. After greeting quite a few Elsas at my door this Halloween, I’m not at all surprised!

    1. I’ll bet, Justin. Our daughter went as “Alice” (as in Wonderland) this year. I was the White Rabbit, and my wife the Cheshire Cat. We did see quite a few Elsa’s during out sugar quest Halloween night, though. 😉

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