Cute Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Day Photo Idea

Daddy Daughter Feet - Valentines Day 2009

Daddy Daughter Feet – © Copyright 2009

Taken on Valentines Day 2009. Those are my wide Hobbit feet surrounding my 6 month old daughter’s dainty little baby feet. Don’t you just love baby feet?

Composition and photo credit goes to my wonderful wife, Shannon, the founder and editor of

I should add that this was a really rough photo shoot. Who am I kidding? I slept through it. 😉



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  1. lol love this one!

    1. I know. Who couldn’t love sweet little baby feet! Thanks, Nikki.

  2. This photo is so sweet! even if it does feature a pair of wrinkly feet sorry had to say it! 😉

    1. Ann, just be glad I didn’t post this in smell-o-vision! Of course Molly’s baby powder fresh scent would probably overpower any odor my wrinkly old feet may have been putting off.

  3. I too love this pic! I also enjoy your blog! It is fun to watch a dad sharing his journey! My dh was very involved in our children’s lives and I am so thankful for each precious moment he was able to spend with them.

    We are now enjoying watching our children be blessed with parenthood. Ahhh, the journey continues!

    1. Thank you, Deb. I’m very lucky to have a wife who is quick with the camera and an eye for photo ops. LOL. I’m also lucky to have a wife who encourages my time each day with our daughter. I look forward to the gift of grand-kids in the distant future. I do hope I’ll be able to bend over and pick them up without my walker getting in the way. 😉

  4. Love that shot!! To precious!
    I love baby feet pictures!!!

    We took some like that with my hubby and daughter. Did one with her foot and Shane’s thumb. Can’t believe her foot was ever that small!! lol

    1. Hi, Nicole. Couldn’t sleep (hopefully just needed a few minutes out of bed) so thought I’d check in. Yes, per my baby feet photo and yours with your husband’s thumb it’s hard to believe they were ever that little, isn’t it? Enjoyed your new “tell us something good” meme. Our daughter (though younger than yours) used to have a hard time keeping her hands off Mommy’s iPhone. I have an iTouch, but it’s not as intriguing without sound. So good luck with that.

  5. Great photo, your wife has a wonderful eye! Also, I love the comparison & baby feet get me every time.

    Thanks for coming by today, I love that Mom Loop gives us the chance to meet new folks!

  6. Great to meet you, Beth! Yes, my wife has a good eye and also the inclination and inspiration to stage photo shoots I’d never consider. Yes, Mom Loop is a great community. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. The picture takes me back to the days where I had to keep my daughter somewhere so I could sleep… Just like you have in the shoot! I love it!…
    Phil & Paige

    1. Hey Phil & Paige!

      Thanks for dropping by. Our now 6 year old was under the weather recently and we let her sleep in our bed. While I didn’t sleep all the much that night, it was wonderful. 🙂


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