How to Give Those Holiday Cyber Crooks the Slip

Just a quick post to remind you to be aware of holiday seasonal scams, phishing, and malicious software distribution campaigns. Cyber criminals often send personal messages that appear to be legitimate and include websites that look real with logos, email, or web templates.

Beware of cyber criminals when shopping online

These phishing and malware campaigns include fake shipping/courier notifications; electronic greeting cards or links to holiday screensavers; requests for charitable contributions that appear to be from the real organization; and credit card or gift card applications or enticing discounts that lead to unfamiliar websites.

I know you’ve heard it a hundred time, but do you ever do it anyway without thinking? I have. Never click on links in emails that you’re not expecting, open attachments in emails that you’re not expecting, nor provide personal information in an email or on a website unless you are confident of the source.

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