Cool Graphics Sites: Pinterest, TinEye & Google Search by Image

Sometimes I gotta let my geek flag fly!

I confess I’m all about the latest cool Internet tools and sites. I especially enjoy graphics, so like many of you I’ve wasted… I mean, “invested” some time on Pinterest. Have you tried it?

What’s your favorite new site or tool?

Another tool (plug-in & site really) I love is TinEye which allows one to do reverse searches on images. Basically you can find other places an image appears on the web (including your own).

And Google rolled out Search by Image:

Google Search by Image

“Now you can explore the web in an entirely new way by beginning your Google search with an image. Learn more about images on the web and your own photos.”


Below is a sample. Is it just me or does this still need a bit of work? I uploaded a photo of (what else?) myself and these are the images they found visually similar.

Sample results from Google's Search by Image

click to view full size

Perhaps I’m being unfair? They do all have faces and dark backgrounds. So, which of these do you think is my doppelgänger? Uncanny isn’t it?

What are your fav new sites or tools?


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  1. LOL I will stand up and confess ‘ I Ann Gorman have a serious addiction to Pinterest, my last viewing was seconds ago im sorry but I couldnt help it I just needed to have a peep, which turned into a stare which then turned into a hour later im still glued to the same spot by the computer. I LOVE IT never need to buy a home magazine again, although im addicted to them too so never say never! lol

    1. I can definitely see how it would be like catnip to a kitten for you visual artist types. Shannon really loves it, too. I enjoy it, but haven’t yet had much time to invest in it. Thus my three boards. How many do you have, Ann?

  2. i’m a pinterest addict. i haven’t tried the google search by image but it looks interesting. are you using Stumble? i haven’t quite figured that tool out yet. and to be honest, i’m getting a little tired of instagram’d photos. it’s fun to “talk shop” every now and again! thanks 🙂

    1. Hi, Eryn. Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, we may have to start forming 12 step groups for Pinterest addicts? LOL. It’s one of those great ideas that’s really taken off practically overnight. I love to “talk shop” as you say, thus this post. And I hope others suggest new tools to try. Per your question, I used Stumble briefly, and should probably go back and give it another look. Have a lovely day, Eryn!

  3. I must confess, I have not gotten involved with any of these. I have bounced on Pinterest but at the time it didn’t make much sense to me. Of course after popping over to your page, I see it takes on some element of another type of Social Networking? May have to check into it more when I have an empty house again.

    Your interests however are very pleasing to the eye.

    Happy Wednesday…

    1. Thanks, Mitzi. Yes, one must have a bit of time to really dive into Pinterest. And you are right, it’s truly a social networking tool for the highly visual. Don’t forget, though I’ve not really done this, that you can great boards that are images from your blogs… which people when they follow them will help them find your great posts. TinEye is a super cool plugin on Firefox and Chrome (and a standalone site if you want). It’s amazing at finding other copies of photos/graphics, etc. I use it all the time. It can also help you find out if someone is reposting YOUR photos.

  4. Never have I ever been to pinterest. I’m more than a little intimidated by all I’ve heard about it. I think I may just have to put on my big girl pants and check it out.

    1. LOL. Absolutely, Laura. Nothing about Pinterest to be intimidated about. It’s just a cool way to organize and share visual web content that interests you. That could be fun craft projects, places you’ve gone on vacation, your button collection, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can just select images already on the Internet and add them to albums of similar items. I know people with 30 or more albums. I just have three, but will likely add more soon. Careful, it’s kind of addictive.

  5. Fly your geek flag and fly it proud! These are some very cool sites. Even as a self-proclaimed geek, I had not heard of these services until today. Definitely worth a check out, I’m dying to know who my doppelgangers are!

    1. I was expecting my doppelgänger to be George Clooney, but apparently poor George just wasn’t good looking enough to make the cut. 😉

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