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Twas the Night before Christmas—WordlessWednesday Art

The children were nestled all snug in their beds

Hopefully Dr. Clement C. Moore who wrote “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” as a present for his children isn’t rolling over in his grave because of this post?

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Cute Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Day Photo Idea avatar

This photo was taken on Valentines Day 2009. Those are my wide Hobbit feet surrounding my 6 month old daughter’s dainty little baby feet. Don’t you just love baby feet? Composition and photo credit goes to my wonderful wife. I was busy snoring… I mean modeling.

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Vintage Parenting Tip #42 – Fresh Air for Baby

Vintage Photo of Child - #ParentingFail

Often our ancestors had tremendous wisdom concerning the best way to raise healthy, happy children. Sometimes… not so much.

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A Christmas Bear Hug – Wordless Wednesday

A Christmas Bear Hug!

My wife snapped this photo of our 6 year old giving an extremely large bear a hug! Our daughter has never met a creature she didn’t want to hug. Even snakes!

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Creepy & Inappropriate Children’s Costumes

Inappropriate Alice in Wonderland pre-teen halloween costume

Here are just a few frighteningly inappropriate costumes I’ve found marketed for kids. And for contrast here are some vintage Halloween costumes. Which to you think are creepier?

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Photo Art—Walt Disney Reading to his Grandson Chris

Walt Disney Reading to Grandson Christopher Disney Miller at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

I just ran across this old photo of Walt Disney reading to his grandson, Christopher Disney Miller, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Palace at Disneyland. Love it!

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Hit My Kid and You Won’t Need a Lawyer

Street Sign Graphic Printable: Speed Limit 25 - Hit my kid because you're speeding, you won't need a lawyer.

Clearly I’d never advocate violence as a solution to ones problems. That said, if some idiot hit our kid because they were speeding… well, what would you do?

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Wait for me, Daddy

Wait for me, Daddy - Historic Photos of World War 2

Being a dad turned me into a bit of a softie. I ran across this photo on Pinterest, and wanted to know more about this family. Did the boy’s dad make it back?

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Guys, You May be a Coffee Addict if…

Cartoon: Man with a coffee addiction has a coffee IV in his arm attached to coffee pot

Coffee Addiction: As parents we often operate on suboptimal amounts of sleep. For guys only, here is a self-assessment to determine if you have a coffee problem.

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