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Social Media: I Hug Back!

I Hug Back Online

Are you a “hugger”? Here’s a test… if someone hugs you, who lets go first? What about online? Do you give your friends virtual *hugs*? Does it matter?

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Top 10 Funniest Parenting Tweets & Quotes

baby duck taped to the wall

Kids Say the Darndest Things was an TV series hosted by Bill Cosby in the late ’90s. Kids, however, aren’t the only ones who say funny things. Top 10 funniest recent parenting tweets and quotes:

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Twitter’s Custom Timeline – Take that Facebook!

twitter custom timeline tweetdeck blog

Twitter’s new custom timeline tool allows you to create cool timelines easily using TweetDeck that you can share with family and friends!

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I’ve Been Under a Rock

Photo of Michael under a rock!

In case anyone’s noticed my recent absence from social media and the blogosphere, let me put any concerns to rest. I am alive and well and living under a rock.

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Monitoring Our Kids Digital Footprint Online

Your Kids Digital Footprint

As a parent do you worry about all of the information that is being collected about your children on the web? What do you do to monitor or reduced it? Here are…

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Best Camera for Family Photos & Videos?

New iPhone Apps for Kids Pictures

Since getting my new iPhone, I’ve been looking for the best free new iPhone software to use to take family photos. It’s said, “The camera you use is the camera you carry.” Well the camera I carry these days is my new iPhone

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Welcome to A Daddy Blog! #UBP13

Ultimate Blog Party 2013 UBP13 at

Welcome Ultimate Blog Party 2013 party goers! I’m so thrilled you are here. I love discovering new blogs! Please leave a comment with your url.

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Parenting Kids in Today’s Complex Connected World - Help Parenting Kids in Today's Connected World

Do you have questions or expertise to offer about child development, or children education tips, or wonder how can I find my child on the web… or on a map? Are you looking for a good website for kids, or have questions on how to teach children about technology? The new parenting & technology focused …

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I Want to Say… Thanks.

You are part of a core group of eclectic individuals spread halfway across the globe… a group I’m so proud to call my friends. Thanks for enriching my world and that of my family. We wish you a very safe and Merry Christmas!

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