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Best Camera for Family Photos & Videos?

New iPhone Apps for Kids Pictures

Since getting my new iPhone, I’ve been looking for the best free new iPhone software to use to take family photos. It’s said, “The camera you use is the camera you carry.” Well the camera I carry these days is my new iPhone

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Wait for me, Daddy

Wait for me, Daddy - Historic Photos of World War 2

Being a dad turned me into a bit of a softie. I ran across this photo on Pinterest, and wanted to know more about this family. Did the boy’s dad make it back?

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Photography | Fresh From Bed | Our Doe-eyed, Tousle-haired Girl

Fresh From Bed | Our doe-eyed, tousle-haired haired girl

They say the camera you use is the one you have with you. I’ve really enjoyed taking and sharing photos captured on my iPhone 4S, via Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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Tales of Spitting, Pinterest and Daddy Guilt

Video of Alicia Silverstone spitting food in her baby boy's mouth like he was a bird!

These posts include the video of Alicia Silverstone spitting into her baby’s mouth, a guilty dad discussing death, and why dads should use!

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How My iPhone Made Me a Better Dad!

I’ve often written about how we guys can become better dads. Bet you’re wondering how an iPhone 4S and the free app Instagram helped this dad step up his game?

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Help, I’m Addicted to Instagram!

If you have an iPhone or Android and want to share photos with your family or friends, what is the best app? Do you use Instagram, Snapbucket or something else?

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Cool Graphics Sites: Pinterest, TinEye & Google Search by Image

Sample results from Google's Search by Image

I confess I’m all about the latest cool Internet tools and sites. A few the caught my eye recently include Pinterest, TinEye and Google’s new Search by Image. What is your favorite new site or tool?

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