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Daddy’s Week in Review – From Zombies to Cute Kid Cuddles

A Daddy Blog - - Friday Recap

My blog posts this week have been consistently inconsistent. Some serious, some silly… mostly silly… here they are: Zombies, Politics, Cute Kids and more!

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The Walking Dead: Ultimate Parenting Fail

The Walking Dead's Carl - The Ultimate Parenting Fail

Am I the only one who, while watching AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead, finds himself screaming at the TV, “Get back in the freaking house, Carl!”

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15 Mens Fashion Fails – What Women Wish Guys Knew about Fashion

Cargo Shorts - Gallery of 15 Things Women Wish Guys Would Never Wear

Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion many of us guys are clueless. Here are 15 things women tell me they wish their guys knew about fashion. What did I miss?

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Beards at Disney World? Can the Apocalypse be Far Behind?

Disneygeddon - Facial hair allowed at Disney for the first time!

The definitive harbinger of the impending Disneygeddon just arrived. On February 3rd, 2012, Disney Theme Park employees will be able to wear beards. I know! 😉

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What do you drive? I’m thinking of making “big” change!

The freedom of the open road's no longer free

How are gas prices affecting you and your family? What do you drive? What do you wish you drove? I’m thinking of making a big change. And by big, I mean small.

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Dear Google: Stop Posting Pictures of Witches on my Blog

Google adsense posted this photo of a witch on my page

What in my recent posts on Yo Gabba Gabba, cold & flu tips, or cute photos of my 3 year old girl, lead Google AdSense to put a photo of a witch on my page?

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My Daughter is Such a Clown [Photos]

My Daughter at the Parks Mall with Mrs. Claus

My daughter at Galleria Dallas’s Slappy’s Holiday Circus, at Yo Gabba Gabba Live and with Mrs. Claus. Leave a comment and tell me how stinking cute she is! 🙂

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Daddy Survived Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

Yo Gabba Gabba Live - Dallas 2011 - Daddy Daughter Concert

It turns out, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! My head did not explode nor my brains turn to jelly. Here’s is a simple survival tip for other dads…

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Creepy S#!T My iPhone Says

Santa on iPhone 4S with Siri - He sees you when you're sleeping

I thought it’d be fun to post a blog using Siri’s voice recognition. And frankly I’m lazy, so the idea of posing a blog without lifting a figure was a peeling. Oops.

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