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Why are these simple health tips so hard to do for us parents?

A family exercising together

My 3 year old daughter sponsored this post. It’s what she wanted me (and you) to know about how to be a healthier, and thereby better parent. Please read this.

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Vote Love Hope Strength and Save Lives

I had the honor to be one of the DFW bloggers representing an important charity event here in Texas. Cadillac put up $150,000. You get to vote for the charity!

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My Brush with Celebrity – Ronald McDonald versus Mike Modano

Here’s the deal: I’ll publish embarrassing photos of me with Ronald McDonald, Brent Severyn & Mike Modano if you simply go vote for your favorite charity. Deal?

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Save Lives: Vote for Team Strength

Vote for Love Hope Strenth #TeamStrength in #TeamEscaladeTX charity contest

What if you could do something simple; something that would literally save lives, right now, today; what if it would take only a moment of your time and cost you nothing; would you do it?

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7 Tips: How to talk to our kids about 9-11

Child watching 9-11 anniversary news coverage

As a Dad, I realized I hadn’t really thought yet about the impending onslaught of 10th anniversary 9-11 coverage and how it might affect my 3 year old daughter.

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7 Survival Tips for Parents of a Seriously Ill, Disabled or Injured Child

Tips for urviving with a sick or injured child

As a parent it’s probably the worst thing we can ever imagine, the serious illness, injury or death of your child. Here are some survival tips that can help.

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Check-In for Checkups: Bringing Health Care to Underserved Children

Boy Kising Nurse at Check-In for Checkups: Bringing Health Care to Underserved Children

Can you imagine growing up without ever visiting a doctor? That’s the reality for some local kids. Here is a free, super easy way you can make a difference.

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7 Tips to Save a Child from Dying in a Hot Car

More than 500 children have died in hot cars since 2008. As much as you and I want to respond, “That could never happen to me!” It could. So what can we do?

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Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks with Cocoa Butter

Discouragingly, 75 to 90% of women develop stretch marks while pregnant, and it’s strongly influenced by heredity. Want to know a simple trick that can help?

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