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Giveaway: Tazzini™ Stainless Steel Reusable Bottles – 5 Winners Announced!

Tazzini Stainless Steel Reusable Bottle Top

5 readers will each win a pair of 2 Tazzini Stainless Steel Reusable Bottles. They are BPA free, stylish, healthy, green, easy to use and clean. Enter now!

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Backyard Ocean Above the Ground Pools – Review and Giveaway

Accesories that come in the 12' x 36" Float to Fill™ Round Ring Pool Set by Backyard Ocean

Finally an above ground swimming pool that is not only easy to install, drain, move or store… but one that actually looks great, too. Enter the Sweepstakes! >>

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Daddy’s Week in Review – From Zombies to Cute Kid Cuddles

A Daddy Blog - - Friday Recap

My blog posts this week have been consistently inconsistent. Some serious, some silly… mostly silly… here they are: Zombies, Politics, Cute Kids and more!

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10 Surprising Tips: Avoid Colds and Flu this Year!

There's nothing worse than a child with a cold or flu

The flu season is coming a bit late this year, but don’t let down your guard just yet. Here are 10 tips, some I didn’t know, that may help you keep flu at bay.

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Cold Comfort: 7 Tips to Feel Better When You’re Sick

A Daddy's 7 Tips for Getting Through The Common Cold

While there may still be no cure for the not-so-common-cold, what are the things you do to help those you love and yourself feel better? Here are 7 tips:

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10 Secrets Parents Must Know for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep Number® - Be sure Santa Sees You When You're Sleeping

Any parent knows, sleep is one of the things in short supply once that first child arrives. I’m not sure it fully improves even after the last leaves home?

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Sleep Number Pillow Party – Twitter Party Ended 11-02-2011

AirFit™ Adjustable Pillow

Put on your PJs, slip into your bunny slippers and grab your pillow… it’s time for a Pillow Party! Mark your calendar now for Weds, Nov 2 from 7-8 p.m. CT!

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Are Some of Your Fondest Childhood Memories Smells?

Vicks® VapoRub® topical ointment is the #1-selling branded children’s cough/cold product.

Among my fondest childhood memories, the ones that seem the strongest are those that involved all of the senses, especially touch and smell. What are your favs?

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Why and When does Daylight Saving Time Change in Fall 2011?

Hot Pink Hello Kitty Retro Girl's Alarm Clock

You know it’s coming! Daylight Saving Time is going away, and you’re straining your brain to remember when, and if this change is the good one or the bad one?

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