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Real Men Change Diapers

I suspect my late father never changed a diaper. He as a great man, but he grew up in a time where fathers were less involved in such matters. I on the other hand pride myself in my ability to remove a soiled diaper, clean, cream the wee ones bottom and put on a fresh one in 30 seconds flat. Sort of a home version of a Nascar pit crew challenge. The only think about being a modern dad that’s bothered me is carrying my wife’s diaper bag when my daughter and I are out and about together. We’ll I’ve taken matters into my own hands and crafted a solution…

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Wordless Wednesday – Vampire Toddler

Vampire Toddler (350x350)

Wordless Wednesday: Photo of a Vampire Toddler! Okay, maybe I added the vampire teeth, but the rest is exactly as photographed. Scary, isn’t it?

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I'm Not in My Right Mind

When you look at image above, what do you see? A girl spinning? Which way is she spinning… clockwise or counter-clockwise? Supposedly if you see her spinning clockwise it means you are right brained, and if you see her spinning counter-clockwise you are left brained. And if you see both, I suppose it means you …

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