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I Hate Changing Passwords

A few tips on creating a secure password that you can remember ten minutes after you changed it.

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Hans Christian Who???

So I went to Google for my daily vain (and in vain) search for my name, but today I searched on someone else’s instead. Now, I’m not sure if I was alone in this, but I didn’t understand today’s google doodle. You know, the image that temporarily replaces their standard logo on significant events such …

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Wordle: Words as Art, Literally

Perhaps “art” is too strong a word, but if you’ve not tried the application Wordle (at, you should. I plugged the text of several of my earlier blogs into this free online Java application, and this was the result… my words as art (well, sort of): (click on image for to view a larger …

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Pod People: The Invasion has Begun

Apparently I inadvertently tapped into a growing trend when I blogged about “nap pods” last year in my Sleeping on the Job blog. Recently my wife and I have been discussing what type of playhouse we might build for our daughter (now just 9 months old). Perhaps the answer is one of the concept pods …

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Don't Text and Drive

Distracted driving was to blame in 80 percent of car crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes, according to a study released by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute last year. The most common distraction? Cell phones, with 73 percent of drivers admitting they talk while they steer, the study found. …

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