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Huge List of Special Characters for Facebook & Twitter

Huge listing of Special UTF-8 Characters for use with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sometimes I add special characters to my Facebook and Twitter updates. I do it for fun, when I want to send ♥ Love ♥, or to draw ★ Attention ★ to something.

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Just Say No to Stupid Memes

Batman slaps Robin. Just say "NO" to memes!

It started innocently enough with cute kitties asking if “I can has cheesburger”, but then it spread. Now social media is awash in stupid memes. Just say NO!

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How My iPhone Made Me a Better Dad!

I’ve often written about how we guys can become better dads. Bet you’re wondering how an iPhone 4S and the free app Instagram helped this dad step up his game?

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Dear Google: Stop Posting Pictures of Witches on my Blog

Google adsense posted this photo of a witch on my page

What in my recent posts on Yo Gabba Gabba, cold & flu tips, or cute photos of my 3 year old girl, lead Google AdSense to put a photo of a witch on my page?

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Help, I’m Addicted to Instagram!

If you have an iPhone or Android and want to share photos with your family or friends, what is the best app? Do you use Instagram, Snapbucket or something else?

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7 Twitter Tips for Bloggers and Website Owners

7 Tips for Bloggers New to Twitter

While there is no right or wrong way to use Twitter, there are better and worse ways. These Twitter tips are targeted at my fellow bloggers and website owners.

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Throw Away Grandma’s Cookbook!

Vintage Better Homes & Gardens 50's Kitchen

Clearly I’m not really suggesting you tear up your grandma’s recipe cards or toss out all of your cookbooks, but the cookbook world is changing… and fast.

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Social Media Survey: Facebook & Twitter & Google+, Oh My!

Google+, Twitter or Facebook: Which do you use the most?

Which site do you use most? Are you feeling any burnout? Do you intentionally make time to unplug? Or do you sleep with your Blackberry or iPhone or whatever?

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Find, Follow & be Followed: #TwitterTuesday is hosting it’s second ever #TwitterTuesday Link-Up. A great way to find parents and other cool folks to follow… and of helping them find you!

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