Best Camera for Family Photos & Videos?

I’d like your opinion…

Since getting my new iPhone I’ve been looking for the best free new iPhone software to use to take family photos. It’s said, “The camera you use is the camera you carry.” Well the camera I carry these days is my new iPhone, and not one of the digital cameras or video cameras that now sit unused in my dresser’s junk drawer. What do you use most when taking kids pictures?

New iPhone Apps for Kids Pictures

Taken & edited on iPhone with Instagram or PS Express

It’s not that our Sony & Panasonic digital cameras aren’t great… they are. And it’s not that our Flip video cameras don’t take great footage… they do. But if they are not with us when we want to take children pictures, what good are they? Sure I miss features like optical zoom and optical image stabilization, but is not missing the shot worth the trade-off?

Do you buy apps, or are you cheap thrifty like me and look for free apps?

The other thing I like about using a smart phone for taking pictures is the ease with which I can edit and share photos with family and friends via social media like Facebook and Twitter. The two free software apps I like most are Instagram and PS Express. Instagram is a social networking site in and of itself, and PS (Photoshop) Express is a great free editor.

What do you use most to capture family moments? If it’s a phone, what apps?

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