Summer Reading 2017 – Best Books and eReaders?

If you clicked on this because you hoped I’d tell you the top e-readers for your summer 2016 reading, or tell you the best 2016 summer books… sorry.  Actually I’m looking for YOUR help and advice on both the best books and, if you recommend them, the best e-reader for our family summer vacation.

Our summer vacation is slowly drawing near. It’s our daughter’s first full-fledged road-trip. Since I was a kid I’ve associated road-trips with several things… the smell of suntan lotion, weird highway truck stops, and I associate it with paperback books.

There’s nothing like relaxing by the sea or pool, book in hand. More often than not, the reading selection was more guilty pleasure than a piece of classic literature, but that’s what summer reading is about, right? What sort of books do you enjoy when your kids give you that rare moment of piece?

Summer Reading List 2015

Is it a parent thing? Since having kids I’ve lost touch with many things I used to be more up on, whether it’s the new hip restaurant or the latest books. I won’t have time for the former even if you told me, but perhaps you can help me with some book ideas for my summer reading?

I have several kids books I’m getting to read to our daughter while on vacation. I’ve read to her every night since she was a tiny baby. I need help with books that don’t have rhyming text and are not illustrated in primary colors. And it’s perfectly okay if your recommendation is a bit a guilty pleasure.

I have a theory. I believe that books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” have been really great for eReader sales. While I’m certain many people proudly read it on their lunch breaks with its cover clearly visible, I have to think there are others who read it more discreetly on their Kindle or Nook?

A woman reads E L James 50 Shades of Grey in public

Photo: Creative Commons

My motivation for considering the purchase of an eReader isn’t for that reason, however. Really. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m looking at the practical aspect of being able to carry books for both me and for our daughter as well in one small package on our vacation.

Do you use an e-reader to read books? Which one? I’ve been looking and the following seem to be the primary choices now. I’ve used my iPad, Windows Tablet, iPhone and Windows Phone (phablet, really) with Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook, and Apple’s iBooks e-reader software.

  • Amazon Kindle Voyage or Paperwhite
  • Barnes and Noble NOOK GlowLight or Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Phones & Tablets IOS, Android & Windows

Reading on a tablet has worked okay, but it doesn’t compare to the reading experience I get reading a good old paper book. Mostly I’ve used it to download (often free) classic books to read to my daughter before bedtime. Phones and tablets would be hard to read in the glare of the sun at the beach though?

Plus the e-readers like the Amazon’s Kindle Voyage seem so light, easy to hold one-handed, flip pages and such. It seems like it would be easier even than a paperback book? Is that your experience? And of course you could carry a sizable library in a very small space.

I’d love your help!

  • What books do you recommend this summer?
  • Which eReader (if any) do you suggest I get?


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