Are You a Hat Person?

Have you ever noticed how some people look great in hats, and on others they simply look silly? I’m not really sure if I’m a hat person or not, as I’ve never much had the desire to cover up my lovely head of hair with a hat. Oh, did that sound vain? Sorry, but knowing and accepting the good and bad about oneself is healthy. Can I help it if I’ve been blessed with so much good stuff to accept?

As usual, I digress. The point of this blog is not to discuss my glorious mane of flowing blond hair, nor the fact that J.K. Rowling based Professor Gilderoy Lockhart’s hair upon mine. No, the point of this blog is to gratuitously post photos of my baby girl wearing hats. For she, as one can clearly see, is a hat person! So without further ado or unnecessary elaboration let the oohs and ahhs begin:

So… our little girl can definitely work a hat. Am I right? These photos are all pretty old, as it’s not been hat season lately, of course. Though, you best prepare yourself for the onslaught of new baby-in-hat photos as the weather starts to cool. 😉 So, how about you… are you a hat person?


  1. I love, love the first hat, the brown one! Your daughter is adorable!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. That first photo is my favorite, too. It is actually Shannon's hat. Shannon snapped the photo, and it really makes Molly's eyes "pop". And NOW Molly has another wonderful hat to look great in, thanks to you and your site!!! Have a great weekend!

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