2013 Holidays – When is the Super Bowl or Mother’s Day or Easter ?

Ever drive to work on a National Holiday? I just did! 🙁

Should have googled 2013 holidays! I’m always asking myself things like when is the Superbowl. Yeah, daddy isn’t a big sports fan, but we do always watch it as a family.

I definitely need to know dates like Valentines Day or when is Mother’s Day! It would be kinda bad to forget those?! Wonder if my family has googled when is Father’s Day? [hint, hint]

Here's a cheat sheet of 2013 holidays we best not forget, like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Daylight Savings, etc. [click image]

My wife’s side of the family is largely Irish, so I’ll definitely look for information about Saint Patrick to share with our 4yr old. It’s not just as an excuse to drink Guinness and Shamrock Shakes. 😉

Are you someone who cares when is Mardi Gras in 2013? Have you ever been to New Orleans for that? How was it? Oh, and am I the only one who can never remember how to calculate when Easter 2013 is?

Anyway, I’ve created a cheat sheet of these holidays for 2013 and am adding them below. Bookmark this page if you want so you can come back the next time you ask, “when is ______ in 2013?”


1-Jan New Year’s Day* 5-May Cinco de Mayo
21-Jan Martin Luther King, Jr. Day* 7-May National Teacher Day
2-Feb Groundhog Day 12-May Mother’s Day
3-Feb Super Bowl Sunday 27-May Memorial Day*
12-Feb Lincoln’s Birthday, U.S 14-Jun Flag Day
12-Feb Mardi Gras 16-Jun Father’s Day
13-Feb Ash Wednesday 4-Jul Independence Day*
14-Feb Valentine’s Day 2-Sep Labor Day*
15-Feb Susan B. Anthony Day 4-Sep Rosh Hashanah (Sunset)
18-Feb Washington’s B-day (obs)* 8-Sep Grandparent’s Day
22-Feb Washington’s Birthday 13-Sep Yom Kippur Starts (Sunset)
10-Mar Daylight Saving Time Starts 14-Oct Columbus Day*
17-Mar St. Patrick’s Day 31-Oct Halloween
24-Mar Palm Sunday 3-Nov Daylight Saving Time Ends
25-Mar Passover Starts (Sunset) 5-Nov Election Day
31-Mar Good Friday 11-Nov Veterans Day*
31-Mar Easter Sunday 27-Nov Hanukkah Starts (Sunset)
1-Apr April’s Pool Day 28-Nov Thanksgiving Day*
22-Apr Earth Day 25-Dec Christmas Day*
29-Apr Arbor Day 31-Dec New Year’s Eve

*These are 2013 U.S. Federal Holidays


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    • Justin- Writing Pad Dad on at
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    Well, I guess it’s a nice surprise to have an unexpected day off! Too bad about getting up and commuting! Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Justin- Writing Pad Dad

    p.s. Justin wants you to know you can visit his blog here, and visit their page on facebook here.

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    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by, Justin! Yeah, it was a bummer to realize I’d gotten up for nothing, but as you say, it at least was a pleasant surprise that I didn’t have to work. Sadly, I did work anyway. Hope you had a great holiday if you were off?

      A quick unsolicited tip: your comment ended up in our spam filter because of all the links you included. I paired them down, removing the duplicate link to your site. Do be careful, as Akismet will flag your IP as the source of spam and block you on all sites.

  1. I only have one question – who’s April and why do they have a holiday for her pool? 😉 Haha!

    Much love to you and your ladies 🙂

    1. Oops…I guess technically that would be two questions 🙂

      1. Hee hee, I was wondering that same thing! 😉

    2. Oops. Darned spell check! I’m going to leave it, as it’s more entertaining this way. And besides, if you don’t know when April Fool’s Day is… well, you need more than a cheat sheet. Thanks so much for dropping by, Kelley & Laura, even if it was just to take a red pen to my post. 😉

  2. One more week! Always know when its Super Bowl Sunday: http://www.real.com/resources/watch-super-bowl-online

    1. I suppose so. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link, AJ. Have a great evening!

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