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Is Halloween less safe today than when we were kids?

Trick or Treat Halloween Safety

Is it my imagination or is it really less safe for our kids these days? Part of me hopes it’s the 24/7 news and the ubiquitous Internet makes things seem worse?

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13 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Pardon my slightly (very?) snarky intro to these 13 Halloween safety tips. There’s nothing funny about our kids’ safety, and these tips are worth a quick review.

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Top 10 Scariest Things This Halloween

This year our daughter said she wanted to dress up as “something scary” for Halloween! I guess the days of Disney Princesses have passed. [sniff]

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12 Tips You Must Know to Keep Your Kids Safe this Halloween

It’s almost time for our streets to be filled with princesses, pirates and super heroes, ringing bells in search of sugary goodness. How can we keep them safe?

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Disney World Makeovers at The Pirates League

One of the highlights of our trip to Disney last year was our visit to The Pirates League! I and our daughter both got pirate makeovers before attending “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.”

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VERY SCARY: Halloween Face Paint—Does Yours Contain Lead?

We would never paint a baby’s nursery with lead paint, but unknowingly we may actually be painting our children’s faces with paint containing lead. Read more >>

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Why and When does Daylight Saving Time Change in Fall 2011?

You know it’s coming! Daylight Saving Time is going away, and you’re straining your brain to remember when, and if this change is the good one or the bad one?

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Which day to trick or treat?

Trick or Treaters 3

When are you celebrating Halloween 2010, Saturday or Sunday? In the past thirty years Halloween has only fallen on a Sunday four times – in 2004, 1999, 1993, and 1982. Also I’m curious, as an adult do you dress up or go to parties, too, or is Halloween just for the kids?

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