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100s of Emoji Emoticons to Use on Your PC

Massive List of All Emoji Characters

Want to use those fun, color Emoji characters on your PC when not using your phone? Here is massive list of the most popular Emoji Characters to cut and paste.

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Social Media Survey: Facebook & Twitter & Google+, Oh My!

Which site do you use most? Are you feeling any burnout? Do you intentionally make time to unplug? Or do you sleep with your Blackberry or iPhone or whatever?

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101 Special Characters for Twitter & Facebook

When someone posts a comment or tweet using special characters like ♥ or ☺ do you think, “how obnoxious!” or do you think “that’s cute, how can I do that?”

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Social Networking Overload

Social Media Overload

I often don’t know if I’m coming or going… but apparently if I post my status in all the right places my “friends” will. Are you starting to experience social networking overload and burnout? Or do you thrive on all of this? What sites do you use and/or recommend?

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