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How to Really Love a Child | by SARK

How to Really Love a Child - a poem by SARK


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  1. Douglas

    A very nice post. This will really make a lot of positive changes in parenting.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks, Douglas. Clearly I can’t take credit for this one, as that all goes to SARK. But if it even made a small change, I’d be very happy. Mostly I’m working on changing myself.

  2. Laureen

    Great post. I love it. I needed this reminder.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks, Laureen. There’s a fair bit of wisdom in there. 🙂

  3. Thalia

    Hi Michael.. For me, this is definitely awesome and I guess a lot of parents would find value in this list of ways we can really love our kids..

    1. Michael Schmid

      Yeah, we all can stand to have some reminders from time to time, Thalia. Thanks!

  4. Anne @GreenEggs&Moms

    Kissing the elephant… it’s not a metaphor, is it? Because if not, I’d be totally terrified to kiss one. 🙂

    1. Michael Schmid

      While one could assign metaphorical meaning to her suggestion concerning “kissing the elephant,” I’m not going to touch that. I believe she literally means kiss an elephant… or do other things you’d not normally consider doing, terrified or not. 🙂

  5. Samantha Gluck

    Beautiful, Michael! I love all of these tips for having a joyful and wonderful parenting experience – an experience filled with grace.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Hello, Samantha. I’m honored by your visit to my humble little daddy blog. And thank you so much for the mention in the post linked at the end of your comment above! Have a wonderful week!

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