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Top 10 Scariest Things This Halloween

This year our 6-year-old daughter told me she wanted to dress up as “something scary” for Halloween. I suggested a clown. She wasn’t amused.

I’ll be in trouble if I ruin the surprise, so can’t tell you what our daughter’s wearing for Halloween. I’m sure my wife will post it on

The Fear of Clowns is Coulrophobia

Photo by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design

So what scares people the most? Here is a list of the Top Ten Phobias people report. Oddly, Coulrophobia, the Fear of Clowns, didn’t make the list?

  1. Acrophobia – Fear of Heights
  2. Claustrophobia – Fear of Enclosed Spaces
  3. Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark
  4. Ophidiophobia – Fear of Snakes
  5. Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders
  6. Trypanophobia – Fear of Injection/Needles
  7. Astraphobia – Fear of Thunder and Lightning
  8. Nosophobia – Fear of Having a Disease
  9. Mysophobia AKA Germophobia – Fear of Germs
  10. Triskaidekaphobia – Fear of the Number 13

Do any of these bother you? Yikes, I’ll bet people with Nosophobia and Mysophobia have been hating all the new reports covering Ebola?

These don’t scare me! Well, except maybe taking a dark elevator to the 13th floor with a coughing clown holding a spider and a syringe?

What are you and your kids wearing for Halloween this year?

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