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Fairy Art – Wordless Wednesday

Faery Flute

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Our two year old girl loves Tinkerbell and I think she’ll really enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the Renaissance festival next spring… especially the fairies! Have you ever been to a Renaissance festival? What did you think?

This photo was taken at Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Dallas in 2004. The additional Photoshop digital manipulation was done by this daddy. Click the image to view a larger copy… and clap if you believe in fairies!

Or at least click “like”. 😉


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  1. Elissa

    I am also looking forward to taking my son to see the joist.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Boys must think that is so cool; knights in shining armor charging on those huge horses. A few moms seem to think they are kinda cool, too.

  2. Nicole

    Pretty picture! Mad loves tinkerbell too. She would really love going to one of those fairs but hubby doesn’t like them. 🙁

    1. Michael Schmid

      Renaissance festivals are not everyone’s cup of tea. My wife thought she’d hate it before we went. Last spring we took my wife’s dad and our then 1.5 year old girl to the one near us. Grandpa had an absolute ball. So did our little girl. I think she’ll have even more fun now that she’s older. That said, it will be more of a challenge for us, as she won’t be restricted to the stroller like before. May have to attach fairy wings to one of those baby harnesses (the ones with the safety “leash”) to keep her in check. 🙂

      1. Nicole

        I think he would enjoy it once we got there. I know she def would!!

        Oh, yes!! It totally sucks in may ways when they outgrow that stroller!! lol

        Baby harnesses rock!! We had one for Mad until she outgrew it. She grew like a weed so I think we only got to use it for a little bit. =(

        1. Michael Schmid

          We have a harness, but have almost never used it. I think it would be helpful at the faire, though. And of course we can take it off some of the time, as there is plenty of room to run in places. Most guys think they will hate renfests, but it’s actually kinda fun.

          1. Nicole

            We hardly ever used ours either but when we did it was awesome! lol

            Yeah it would be just the work of a guilt trip to actually get to agree but I think he would enjoy it once he got there!

            Kinda like how I got him to marry me! lol J/K

          2. Michael Schmid

            I think he would enjoy it once he got there! Kinda like how I got him to marry me!

            Cute! The trick is making him think it’s his idea. 😉

  3. L. Eleana

    Clap, Clap, Clap! I believe in Fairies. Some childhood beliefs never fade.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Many haven’t seen it, but in the original play, as you likely know, Captain Hook secretly poisons Peter’s medicine (versus a time-bomb in the first Disney movie), and Tinker Bell drinks the poison to save his life. Peter then pleads with the audience to clap their hands if they believe in fairies. You can bet all the kids in the audience were clapping in sincere earnest. I was one of them. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. rose

    love the picture. i’m certain as your child gets older she will enjoy the sights and sounds of the Renaissance Festival.. I went to this event with my family that I I love and had a wonderful time. rosie

    1. Michael Schmid

      Hello, Rosie. Thanks so much for dropping by. The last time we went our wee one was one and a half year old, so I’m sure you’re right about her enjoyment. She met the fairy that’s pictured above, but I’ll bet that next spring our toddler will enjoy such an encounter even more. Right now she is getting excited about meeting Santa Claus at the mall. Her imagination is exploding. The next few years should be fun seeing the world through her little eyes. Have a great day!

  5. PatriciaD

    Now that is some awesome PS work…love that picture.

    Yes, I LOVE Renaissance festivals…do you dress up? That’s one of the funnest things about it and seeing all the other costumes. Well, and of course the jousting (for you guys…hahaha)!

    Visiting from SITS!!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Hello, PatriciaD! Thanks for dropping by. I’ve seen your PS work, so I really appreciate the compliment. I just dabble for fun. As for your other question, I’ll give you a graphical answer:


  6. Kelley Simpson

    I love the festivals also, but I think they may be a bit different here. The one I have gone to is in LA. As wonderful as it is it tends to be a little odd too. It must be the artsie folks that put it on. I love the art and shows and the people, but each time I have gone I have seen a couple of “over the tops”, if you know what I mean. Just keep your eyes open and I think it can still be a wonderful thing!

    Best wishes!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Hi, Kelley. I’ve been to the So. Cal Renaissance Pleasure Faire that I believe you are talking about. Ours are a bit more tame compared to that one, but still a great place for people watching and picture taking. I have a late 70’s era Canon AE-1 as well, and also another more recent SLR… and some digitals, though nothing professional in quality. You know I’m a fan of your work. (And your sisters… in Vegas if I remember right?) Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by! Have a great evening.

      1. Kelley Simpson

        If you’ve been here then you sure know what I’m talking about! You’ve inspired me to go for the purpose of taking some fabulous images!

        1. Michael Schmid

          I’m happy to provide you the excuse to take some of those great old cameras out of moth balls and put them through their paces. And, yes, the very quirky (to say the least) nature of that faire notwithstanding, it’s a great place to take some interesting photos. Be sure to let me know when you post ny of them, Kelley.

  7. JDaniel4's Mom

    I love this picture. I bet you have a wonderful time exploring the fair this spring.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks, D. I think our little girl is going to really get into it. Especially the fairies like “Twig”, the one in the picture. She’s really great with the kids.

  8. Cre8tiveMocha

    stopping by from MOM LOOP FRIDAY FOLLOW

    1. Michael Schmid

      Hi. So nice to meet you. Just came from your Cre8tive Mocha site. I follow your guest writer. Good choice. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you get for your swag bags… I mean boxes. Have a great Sunday.

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