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Trapped on Disney’s Small World Ride

Disney Small World Dutch Doll Protest

I was five when Disney’s Small World ride broke down and I was trapped with those creepy little singing dolls for an eternity… or maybe 30 minutes. Read on…

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Location Location Location: Where Would You Like to Wake Up Tomorrow?

Travel Collage - London, San Francisco, Pisa, Seattle, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro

I love our house, but sometimes it’s so fixed. I rarely wake in the morning and find our home is not where it was when I went to sleep. But what if…?

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Have a Very Safe & Happy Independence Day

Watercolor of Original American Flag - Happy Independence Day!

Having grown up partly in other countries, it’s possible I have a slightly different perspective on our country, the United States, than other people might…

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Air Travel with Toddlers: Car-Seats & Diapers & Lovies, Oh My!

Over-stuffed bag - Packing for a family summer trip by plane

Summer’s approaching and many of us are thinking about a trip. If you have limited space to pack (air -vs- car trip) what do you bring? Please add your tips! 🙂

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He Said, She Said: Family Road-Trips

Vintage Royalty Free Family Road-Trip Graphic

Recent survey data suggests which partner is the better driver, who requires more “pit stops” and more. Think you already know the results? Maybe. Read on…

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The Pirates are Coming – To Scarborough Renaissance Festival


Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? Did you take kids? Did you and they enjoy it? I’m thinking of taking my family… and it’s Pirate Weekend! ARRRR!

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Wee Bit o' Ireland in Texas

Our baby dressed for the North Texas Irish Festival

It’s time to pull out your favorite green shirt, gather up your family and friends and head to Dallas for one of the biggest and best Celtic Heritage festivals in the United States.

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Scarborough Renaissance Festival

My wife, I and our wee baby girl have visited Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Dallas several times this year. We always find it quite entertaining… and it’s almost over. So, join the King and Queen and all the villagers and guests on this the final weekend of Scarborough Renaissance Festival before the gates close on …

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