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Best Family Car for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Jeep ZS1 Zombie Slayer—Because the Zombie Apocalypse is no time to drive a Prius! Yes, this is a real car. Here’s why you should drive one…

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Daddy’s Baby Bump – The Ugly Truth

Many of you have asked, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the political scene lately, it’s important to respond to allegations quickly. So… am I really Mudflap Man?

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Top 5 Random Acts of Road Kindness

Top 5 totally awesome random acts of road kindness we all can and should commit. It’s really fun! Also, did you sign the “Drive Safe Today Day” pledge? Do it now!

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HELP…I need a Minimalist Intervention!

2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop

No sooner do I write about my attempt at living a more minimal, less acquisition oriented existence, do I find myself lusting after the New 2015 Mini Cooper…

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It Can Wait… Please Don’t Text & Drive!

It Can Wait... Don't Text & Drive!

Ever sent a text message while your car was moving? 42% of American drivers say they have. Please join me. Turn off your phone. It can wait!

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Dallas: Free Driving Skills for Life – April 6 & 7

In just a few days the Ford Fund will bring an amazing FREE hands-on advanced driver safety program to North Texas teens. Please share this life saving program!

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My Brush with Celebrity – Ronald McDonald versus Mike Modano

Here’s the deal: I’ll publish embarrassing photos of me with Ronald McDonald, Brent Severyn & Mike Modano if you simply go vote for your favorite charity. Deal?

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Best Baby Strollers – The Experts Weigh In

Best Baby Stroller Options - Bottom of the Line

What is the best baby stroller in your opinion? I assume it varies with the age and number of children? What would you recommend to a new parent? For toddlers?

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Is “Sexy” Too Much Ask?

scooters are not sexy

When you ladies hear us guys say we want a car that’s “safe, reliable and green”… in guy-speak we are really saying we want something sporty, fun and sexy…

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