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Baby’s First Cowboy’s Game – Wordless Wednesday

Baby's First Cowboy's Game

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  1. Mitzi

    I love this photo! Her face is priceless! So much love there!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks, Mitzi. There are several photos taken when she was just little bitty where she’s smiling up at me that just melt my heart.

  2. Kristina Ruth

    How cute.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks, Kristina. Your Mackenna is pretty darned cute, too!

  3. melissa

    Aww what a cutie. I see the Doritos are baked not fried, good choice.

    1. Michael Schmid

      LOL. Well, the chips were for me, of course. Our wee one was being breast fed at that point. She enjoyed the game anyway. Maybe more?

  4. Jenn

    Am I the only Texan who is not a Cowboy fan? That said… cute picture!

    1. Michael Schmid

      You don’t like the Cowboys. I’m pretty sure that’s a lynchin’ offense? LOL. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but I’m not their biggest fan either. 😉

  5. Scott aka This Daddy

    From one dad to another…The little ones sitting with us and watching the games are awesome. My C4 watches Falcons games with me sometimes……..

    But you know you have ruined her forever………THE COWBOYS????

    1. Michael Schmid

      Hey Scott. As you know I just have the one little girl, so I may be stuck watching Dancing with the Stars with her… and you know what, I won’t mind it one bit. 😉 As for the Cowboys… I kinda knew I’d catch flack for that. Hey, we live in Dallas.

  6. Shannon

    Awww- she is so big now! Cant believe it!

    1. Michael Schmid

      I know… will you please tell her to stay small for just a little bit longer?

  7. Melissa

    Ooohhhh! Way too cute!! My mother in law is a Cowboy fanatic and had bought Alex all kinds of Cowboy gear!! Love the pic!!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks so much, Melissa. We have some cousins in Ireland and I’ve thought about sending them some Cowboys stuff since it’d be unique over there. There are some cute pink jerseys for girls, for example. Though, at 16 that cousin’s probably too hip and cool to wear pink… or an American football jersey. 😉

  8. Tabitha Blue

    How cute!! She is such a doll. Seriously, I just want to snatch her up… but I don’t think you’d be too thrilled about that 😉

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks so much, Tabitha. My brother and his wife are always threatening to snatch her up (as are several other friends whose kids are grown) so I’m used to that. LOL. Love the fall family photoshoot you did recently. You’re quite talented. So beautiful! Thanks for dropping by. I’m follow you now. Have a great day!

  9. Rachel

    I love the look of adoration as she’s looking at you! Precious!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks Rachel. The look of adoration is completely mutual. 🙂

  10. Nicole

    I love this picture!! Her smile is priceless! Glad you are raising her right! lol

    Sorry I haven’t been around much… been trying to stay off the evil internet! I can get sucked in so easily!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks Nicole. No reason to apologize for not wasting enough time on the Internet. 😉 I hear when you log off there’s this thing they call “life”. It may just be a rumor. Red pill or blue pill? Hmmm.

  11. Avant Garde Parenting

    Precious adorable! At least she won’t remember this season…

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks for the complement. It makes up for the cheep, albeit entirely appropriate shot at the Cowboys. LOL.

  12. melissa mommy grind

    So cute! We have a feud in our house, I’m a Pats fan, my husband is a Dolphins fan – my 6 year old girl has become a Cardinals fan to avoid the conflict! Got to start them young!

    1. Michael Schmid

      my 6 year old girl has become a Cardinals fan to avoid the conflict!

      That’s funny. I see houses on our street flying competing team flags. I’m guessing someone inside has a friendly family rivalry going. My wife and I usually root for different teams just to make games more interesting… when we have time to watch them, which is not much.

  13. melissa mommy grind

    Sorry, I thought I was looking at a Troy Aikman jersey!

    1. Michael Schmid

      You’ve got quite the eye there, Melissa. Yes, daddy is really, really old and is wearing a Troy Aikman jersey. LOL.

  14. Laura

    THAT’S the way to do it!!! Start her out young!!!!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks, Laura. Though some might consider promoting affection for the Dallas Cowboys in an innocent child to be abuse? 😉

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