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Michael is the Founder & Chief Editor of A Daddy Blog™ — ADaddyBlog.com is about life, parenthood and the pursuit of sleep. Oh, and Michael’s day job is University Director. ADaddyBlog.com targets parenthood from the father’s perspective, and include a focus the modern dad, family travel, entertainment, technology, health, coffee, cars & cuddles. Michael shares a home in Texas with his brilliant bride and their amazing young daughter. He claims to be moderately literate, adequately well traveled, and is clearly well fed. Though Michael has an MBA from SMU in Marketing and Finance, he has a sneaking suspicion that his baby girl is far smarter than he is… and he knows that his wife is. Please feel free to write us any time. We love hearing from you. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram… (links at top of page) Email Michael here: adaddyblog.com@gmail.com

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What scared you as a child?

Some of the scariest childrens TV shows and films of all time… even if they weren’t meant to be.

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Why watch the Super Bowl?

Okay, I suppose my question presupposes you do in fact watch it. If you do, why? Is it the gladiatorial spectacle of manly men in spandex patting each others butts between attempts to move a bit of leather up a field? Is it hopes for a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dirw9ijI-zg] Or is …

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A Thank You on Veterans Day

Regardless of one’s personal feelings about the necessity of today’s or any other wars, let’s all take a moment this Veterans Day to remember the sacrifices made by generations of our men and women. My wife wrote the following in her blog today, and I could not have said it better. (I just added the …

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Looking for a place to get a flu shot?

A new Google tool… Have you decided you want to get a flu shot (either regular or H1N1), but don’t know where to go? The CDC has set up a site intended to help, though it’s not as easy to navigate as one might hope. That site is here: flu.gov/individualfamily/vaccination/locator.html. Here’s an alternative:Another brand new …

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I'm Not in My Right Mind

When you look at image above, what do you see? A girl spinning? Which way is she spinning… clockwise or counter-clockwise? Supposedly if you see her spinning clockwise it means you are right brained, and if you see her spinning counter-clockwise you are left brained. And if you see both, I suppose it means you …

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The French Kiss is Dead

I’m not talking about that type of French kiss, though I suspect it may be impacted as well. No, I’m referring to the effect the virus formerly known as Swine Flu is having on the French custom of “la bise”. You know, the way the French greet their friends, family and coworkers. La bise starts …

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I Hate Changing Passwords

A few tips on creating a secure password that you can remember ten minutes after you changed it.

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Are You a Hat Person?

Have you ever noticed how some people look great in hats, and on others they simply look silly? I’m not really sure if I’m a hat person or not, as I’ve never much had the desire to cover up my lovely head of hair with a hat. Oh, did that sound vain? Sorry, but knowing …

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Hans Christian Who???

So I went to Google for my daily vain (and in vain) search for my name, but today I searched on someone else’s instead. Now, I’m not sure if I was alone in this, but I didn’t understand today’s google doodle. You know, the image that temporarily replaces their standard logo on significant events such …

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